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Anthony Watts 'If the past is indicative of the future...' The "Skeptic's" Illusion

 I do try to be patient and polite with "skeptic" questions and comments, but sometimes the dog-chasing-tail dialogue and obtuseness overwhelms.  The following comment came from someone who firmly believes there's nothing out of the ordinary with our climate patterns, and that we should do nothing that might impact our dedication to corporate free market principles.  Well it got under my skin, and I had time on my hands, so I let him have it.  The attitude reminded so much of Anthony that I've decided to adapt that post to this little note dedicated to Anthony Watts.

It is written:  "If the past is indicative, we'll have more and worse in the future, but we'll also have more and better, and more of the better will overwhelm more of the worse."

"If the past is indicative . . ."  Are you serious?

How is our planet... our biosphere equal to the one I inhabited in the early 1960s?

"If the past is indicative . . ."
would demand that the current situation is analogue to the past!
How would you justify that supposition?  Have any evidence?

That constraint nullifies everything you suppose there, including your denial that global food production is in serious trouble.  Get your eyes off the rear view mirror.  Learn about the biosphere that surrounds us these days. {The physical drivers of our climate are changing, look at the evidence.  http://www.cpo.noaa.gov/warmingworld/ And they are changing towards the energized wild side. 
It's not gearing down anytime soon.  Simply logical physics Opy.   }
~ ~ ~

"If the past is indicative . . ."  Can't believe you said that. Now you've gone and done it... and I have the afternoon to myself and I have a rant to get off my chest.   :mrgreen:

Given that our planet has started a march towards significant warming, which includes more energy, heat and moisture in our thin global atmosphere; more heat in the oceans; the North Pole is loosing its summer icecap and the Arctic Ocean is transitioning from being a heat reflector to becoming a heat absorption plate; not to mention the spooky methane hydrate situation up there.

These things are observed facts, right?   {No? you disagree?  Got any evidence?}

I'd say we blew our chance for nice minimally disruptive outcomes - when everyone, including most hippies jumped on the Reaganomics Bandwagon and pretty much ignored everything climatologists and other Earth scientists were discovering and sharing with the world...  as decades went by, consumption of everything and our excretions went ballistic, hockey sticks in every direction.  Except, don’t you know, caring for our life enabling biosphere?  That one fell out of fashion.

OK, so we, that is society and business leaders and their puppy dog politicians, heck, most all of us, had no interest in keeping up on what climatologists were learning, during those few crucial decades we had. And though ignorance may be bliss, it has a tendency to bit one in the ass.

Now we are in the fight of our kids lives, because if we continue totally ignoring our GHG situation like many of you folks over here counsel, well, shows over. {yea, yea, I know some of you think it’s a joke, spare me I won’t be impressed}
Having kids and grandkids and liking people and this planet in general it's heart breaking, what can I say.  I've listen to three decades of self-deceived people pretending dreams of endlessly rising consumption were more important than learning, respecting, maintaining, nurturing our biosphere. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.  Call me what you want... if insults is the best ya got, it simply underscores the lack of substance on that side of this argument.
Excuse me for being irritated.  It must be the future shock these days, the worries I used to have that were treated with such contempt all these decades, while our window of opportunity got smaller and smaller... well hell, now I look around and those long ago nightmares have become the evening news, and the fools still treat it with contempt.

And right here outside my cabin, it's hot and the river has dried up, the local public water officials are worried about the one public water source that a few hundred people depend on to one extent or other. I'm told it hasn't run dry since upland irrigation started, but the irrigation ditches are running dry and the ground water table is dropping, and folks are worried about our trusty little spring.  Probably OK this year, but the aquifer needs to be recharged, and with our seasonal monsoon amounting to little more than clouds and dry lightening, there's the beginnings of tension out here.

In the air there's still smoke visible from various region fires off in the distance {we have grand views hereabouts}.  And I'm reading about the recent derecho that huge straight-line wind storm that hammered a swath from Chicago to Washington with hurricane force winds.
I've watched three decades of this ruthless rich man PR campaign of ceaselessly recycled regurgitated denialist bullpoop. OK, in truth, some arguments had serious standing... But that was decades and years ago! Those question marks have since been resolved one after another. Not that the WUWT et al. echo-chamber crowd would inform people of that. Nope instead they continue dancing and weaving, grasping at one rotten straw after another.

Add to that, having to watch the serious, professional, honest scientific community treated as though they were all villains. Why? Because they are reporting the observations as they observe them to the best of their evidence and technical abilities? These folks have done some great science that stands up to accumulating evidence. 
Against that we have a politically motivated machine, not a shred of interest in actually learning from the experts.  No curiosity for understanding. No interest in learning how to maintain the health of our life supporting biosphere - instead: mislead and attack, attack, attack.

I’ve listened to dozens of different scientists lecturing, via YouTube, previous to internet, there were magazines and articles written by the pros for the general public.

Their stories were plenty consistent, even with the surprises and twists and turns of research findings. No matter how many crazy-making contortions the echo-chamber goes through, the evidence speaks clearly.  All it takes is a little intellectual integrity to sort the grain from the chaff.  

Tragically, so many are blinded by religion/political/economic dogma, tribalism, and deep down fear. Now here we stand, four decades into Society’s Great Atmospheric Experiment and Challenge. The science keeps improving, the events and observations keep piling up.  And still, we have folks denying that anything is amiss outside their self-constructed bubbles.

It doesn't make any sense.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I use four decades, because four decades ago the outline of what was going on was well known and disseminated.  Then the IPCC was created as a collecting venue for the deluge of studies this scientific challenge was producing. And they have done a respectable job of it, and not for cash, the scientists who assemble those reports volunteer their time, you know that?

Unfortunately, these serious professional people have been confronted by an utterly ruthless force who’s only interest is a personal political agenda and self-enrichment. Folks who have contempt for spending money on studying our planet, but have no problem with committing corporate fraud and sucking off government corporate-welfare - these are the type of people attacking the IPCC using every tactic in the book devoid of any fidelity to the truth.  

So what’s a “skeptic” supposed to be in regards to the real world confronting us?

"If the past is indicative of the future . . ." get real!

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