Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ivar Giaever explains climate science = pseudoscience

There was a gent over at SkepticSociety forum who started a new thread with the title: "Ivar Giaever explains climate science = pseudoscience"

Giaever is one of the signies of the infamous Wall Street Journal letter, see here.  He's also a person who ignored a number of emails asking him for details regarding why he signed that letter.

The gent who posted these YouTube links didn't offer any comments for what he thought we should learn from these video.  Although he does tend to sound like he actually believes AGW is a hoax.  I tell you, it is one disappointingly juvenile speech and I would have loved surveying the learned audience's opinion of it.  If I could get the audience list, I would send them all emails and try to find out... anyone out there know how to get that list?

I listened to the first video, it was awful and I couldn't help mading notes with time signatures that I posted over at SkepticalSociety.  If I had the free time I'd clean it those notes, endure the rest of his speech and post an unauthorized review of it.  But, that's not happening. 

Fortunately, those archivers of climate science for the lay public are on top of it again with this recent review of the long retired superconductor and solid state physics expert's talking points.  

So with the permission of I proudly reprint another one of Dana's excellent posts.


Ivar Giaever - Nobel Winning Physicist and Climate Pseudoscientist (via Skeptical Science)
Posted on 12 July 2012 by dana1981 We often see scientists from non-climate fields who believe they have sufficient expertise to understand climate science despite having done minimal research on the subject; William Happer, Fritz Vahrenholt, and Bob Carter, for example.  As he admits in his own words…

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