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Principia Scientific Int'l versus Dr. Michael Mann

John O'Sullivan is a principle founder and pusher of "Principia Scientific International" a group of AGW deniers intent on spreading misinformation and furthering the echo-chamber's crazy-making regarding the scientific knowledge surrounding our planet's climate.

And since I don't have the time to devote to helping expose the various nonsense around this group I can at least share the efforts of others.

At  Pete Ridley is doing a fine job of examining the details of PSI's beautifully worded 'mission statement' compared to the reality of what they do.
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" .. advocates of transparency and accountability .. "


In the spirit of the quotation above this article aims to provide as much transparency as possible about Principia Scientific International (PSI)’s origins as well as the motives, methods and ambitions of those whose vision PSI was. Anyone having little or no knowledge of PSI should find it worthwhile initially referring to the promotional material published on various pages on the PSI Web-site ( It presents a picture of what PSI purports to be and relevant quotes will be made in this article as necessary when considering whether or not PSI lives up to those praiseworthy claims.

Comments in this article are based upon the facts collected since my first involvement during 2010 with the significant participants in PSI. I will concentrate initially on those individuals who played a major role in founding the organisation. " .. British legal analyst and science writer, John O’Sullivan pursued a vision to form a large body of experts united in opposing the worst excesses of government-funded science. .. From the outset PSI was driven by retired Dutch Analytical Chemist, Hans Schreuder, Texan engineer and science writer, Joseph A. Olson and Canada's most popular climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball .. Tom Richard .. the driving force behind Neveu Design .. has made the PSI website .. adaptive to the growing demands of an ambitious and globally-expanding science publishing and communications hub .. " ( After that I propose to take a look at each of the other individuals involved.
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 As for Dr. Michael Mann and all the claims of the data he is supposedly hiding please consider this post over at Legend of Pine Ridge.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dr. Michael Mann's Data is Available on the Internet

"My research is all based on data sets regarding the Earth’s climate that are freely and widely available to all researchers.  Whether I make available my computer programs is irrelevant to whether our results can be reproduced...

My computer program is a piece of private, intellectual property, as the National Science Foundation and its lawyers recognize. It is a bedrock principle of American law that the government may not take private property “without [a] public use,” and “without just compensation.”"---Dr. Michael Mann's letter to Congressman Joe Barton (7-15-05)

Mendacious people who spread falsehoods on the Internet about the alleged fabrications of climate scientists often claim that the famous Penn State climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann has kept his data secret. Actually, as Dr. Mann's 1995 letter to Congressman Barton states, Dr. Mann's data is available on Internet at government and university sites.

Dr. Mann's computer programs are a secret because they are his private intellectual property; still, researchers can develop their own computer codes and use Mann's data to verify his results. Scholars have replicated Dr. Mann's results by using his data with their own computer programs.

Researchers need not have access to exactly the same computer programs (or “code”) as Dr. Mann developed. Dr. Mann's results can be replicated using his underlying data and methodologies. See the letter (7-15-05) that Dr. Mann sent to the corrupt Congressman Joe Barton explaining the true facts and listing the Internet sites where his data was stored in 2005.

The MBH [Mann-Bradley-Hughes] data have been publicly available for more than a decade now! When Dr. Mann moved from U.Va, the same information and data were maintained through his Penn State research site.

Here are some links where the data can be found:

More generally, links to ALL the MBH research data, etc. from ALL of the MBH studies are here:
posted by Snapple
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Dr. Michael Mann also has his own Facebook Page that is a valuable source of information coming from the man himself, along with many informative comments as proven in my previous post.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that. In the letter Dr. Mann also gives a link to the computer code he used for the "hockey stick" graph. Still, he wouldn't have to do this. I added that information to the post.


Anonymous said...

Michael Mann is a liar and a fraudster who has threatened to sue me for libel but I, like others who this sue-happy narcissist has threatened, am in no way troubled by such empty threats. On the contrary, I'm laughing up my sleeve because Mann is on the brink of losing his libel suit against Canada's most popular climatologist, Dr Tim Ball. Ball rightly stated Mann "belongs in the state pen, not Penn State" and I heartily agree. Once Ball defeats Mann I will be assisting in efforts to bring about a full public inquiry into the criminal fraud Mann helped mastermind.

citizenschallenge said...

You got some gall talking about other's dishonesty !

Look in the mirror you fraud.

citizenschallenge said...

Perhaps I was too quick and harsh, I do like hearing both sides of a story.

And I do wish I had the free time to get up to date on the various items mentioned in my other post regarding your claims of being a lawyer and such:

But, I don't.
Would you be interested in helping out and informing us of the latest?

Duck Monster Prime said...

You sort of have to laugh at a group claiming Mann is a "fraud", all the whilst trumping as its chief scientists a god damn History Professor. (That'd be Tim Ball).

So what I want to know is Tim Ball a Foucaultian "climate scientist", a Marxist "climate scientist", or one of those culture war 'the south was right!' type "climate scientists.

That might be the silliest thing I've typed all week, and yet on the evidence at hand, its actually an entire sensible question.

citizenschallenge said...

Update on the Mann defamation lawsuit :

DC judge denies defendants' motion to dismiss Michael Mann's defamation complaint
Posted on January 23, 2014 by Climate Science Watch
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The ruling itself can be found at:
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also see:
A Win for the Climate Scientist Who Skeptics Compared to Jerry Sandusky
As the judge green-lights his libel suit, the defendants' lawyers jump ship.
—By Mariah Blake | Fri Jan. 24, 2014

citizenschallenge said...

As for my silent pal John O'Sullivan, here's some interesting stuff:

Regarding O'Sullivan's various CVs check out:
~ ~ ~

Speaking of CV, he forgot to include this information:

Documents obtained from Guidestar reveal that John O’Sullivan — former editor and current staff writer and “editor-at-large” for National Review — is listed on the board of directors for the white nationalist organization Lexington Research Institute Limited (aka The VDare Foundation) most commonly known as VDare.
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Pete Ridley said...

Hi Ben,

The latest piece of nonsense regarding Dr. Michael Mann coming from John O'Sullivan's PSI blog relates to the Mann v Ball defamation case going through the Supreme Court of British Columbia. You may recall that Dr. Tim Ball was a founding member of the PSI blogging group and was its "Chairman" from 2010 until March 2013, at which time John O'Sullivan registered PSI Acumen Ltd. as a private company in the UK ( and declared PSI to be a "subsidiary". Initially John O’Sullivan had the audacity to declare on his PSI Acumen Ltd. “about” page that his group of PSI bloggers were EMPLOYEES of his company but dropped that misleading claim pretty quickly. Maybe he had had a few strongly-worded complaints from some of those “100’s of paid-up members” that back in Dec 2010/Jan 2011 he asked his founding members to help recruit.

Returning to PSI v Mann, on 21st Feb. 2014 John O'Sullivan posted another ludicrous article on his PSI blog, this one claiming that “MICHAEL MANN FACES BANKRUPTCY AS HIS COURTROOM CLIMATE CAPERS COLLAPSE” - a piece of pure fantasy based upon Mark Stein's counter-claim against Mann. You can find more about that in my "work-in-progress" article "SpotlightON - Michael Mann v Tim Ball et al." (

Perhaps one of your readers can explain to me why a 53-year old out-of-work high-school art teacher with these claimed qualifications:
State University of New York (SUNY), Bachelor’s Degree in International and Comparative Law (2004-2007); (Note 2a and 2b)
Leicester University, UK (1995-2000) Doctoral Degree in Education Management and Leadership (combined M.Phil.); (Note 2b)
Brighton Polytechnic, UK (1985-7): Post-graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE); (Note 2c)
West Surrey College of Art & Design, UK (1981-84): Bachelors First Degree: Fine Art & Art History;
(see "Curriculum Vitae for John O'Sullivan (2010)" -

Perhaps not everything that he claimed in that CV stands up to closer scrutiny (read the notes) - but that appears to be typical of its author.

Best regards, Pete Ridley

citizenschallenge said...

Actually I'm Peter, but I'll take the compliment.

;- }

Pete Ridley said...

Hi Peter (AKA citizenschallenge),

If your latest comment was in response to mine then I should point out that mine was directed at the blog owner, " .. Male model, ladies man, marathon runner, cook, peach harvester, Bad Santa, snowfall collector, a Mac technology specialist and Noble Swan .. " Ben Lawson (

Best regards, Pete Ridley

Pete Ridley said...

Hi Peter,

Sorry about that. I had confused this blog with Ben's - and I see that there are other similar-sounding blogs too, e.g. - Anthony has posted a page of "spawn" blogs -

Best regards, Pete Ridley