Friday, February 21, 2014


Ahhh, the echo-chamber seems on fire.  Mr. O'Sullivan has spoken: 

Written by John O'Sullivan 
Massive counterclaims, in excess of $10 million, have just been filed against climate scientist Michael Mann after lawyers affirmed that the former golden boy of global warming alarmism had sensationally failed in his exasperating three-year bid to sue skeptic Canadian climatologist, Tim Ball. Door now wide open for criminal investigation into Climategate conspiracy. ...

Hmmm, no case number, nor court filing named…
{ OK, turns out it's another of the endless motions lawyers file: 
"Defendant Steyn's Answer and Counterclaims to Amended Complaint" 
and it's part of the ongoing lawsuit that Dr. Mann initiated against Mark Steyn, 
Rand Simberg and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, made in reaction to the court's last decision which went against Steyn et al.

The motion is an incredible exercise in Chutzpah, you can see the text here:
This might be interesting. but doubt it.
Sounds like John O'Sullivan doing what he does best, vacuous slander.
As for this John O'Sullivan character, have I got a few stories for you regarding that joker.
Jul 25, 2012
Former high school art teacher John O'Sullivan was acquitted after his step-daughter testified she had sent the obscene messages -- testimony that the judge said he did not find entirely credible. O'Sullivan then published an ...
May 24, 2012
John O'Sullivan: "Hansen, Sagan and Venus with magellan probe" > Examining The Art Of Deception. This is an extension of a discussion of sorts over at SkepticSocietyForum. and though I don't have the time to do it justice,.
Jul 28, 2012
John O'Sullivan, master manipulator - A Closer Look. Brendan Demelle and Richard Littlemore at have revealed more information regarding the serial liar John O'Sullivan. The following is a repost of their ...
May 28, 2013
British legal analyst and science writer, John O'Sullivan pursued a vision to form a large body of experts united in opposing the worst excesses of government-funded science. .. From the outset PSI was driven by retired Dutch ...

Jun 01, 2012
John Cook lists "The 5 Characteristics of Scientific Denialism. This article from is worth adding as an addendum to my previous post - A review of John O'Sullivan's article:"Hansen, Sagan and Venus with ...
Jul 25, 2012
John O'Sullivan is a principle founder and pusher of "Principia Scientific International" a group of AGW deniers intent on spreading misinformation and furthering the echo-chamber's crazy-making regarding the scientific ...
Jan 25, 2013
I also wonder if you or any of your readers can update me on the status of the Mann v Ball defamation case in BC. Apart from John O'Sullivan making wild claims that Mann is about to lose I have seen nothing credible about it.
On the other hand, we have a serious scientist who remains productive and respected among his peers.  And here's some of the evidence you'll never get from that trickster O'Sullivan.

Oct 10, 2013
To supplement my previous post, here's a list of investigations into Dr. Mann and allegations stemming from the break in and hacking of the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit, courtesy of

Oct 10, 2013
Well, the climate science "skeptics" have unleashed another flurry substance-less claims and attacks on Dr. Michael Mann in light of the recent court decision allowing the American Tradition Institute's (and a member of ...

Oct 10, 2013
The case where Dr. Mann finally said, enough is enough. And decided that the malicious slander the Competitive Enterprise Institute fabricated and that the National Review gave top billing to, in their ongoing campaign to ...

Jul 31, 2013
Today, the case of Dr. Michael E. Mann vs. The National Review and The Competitive Enterprise Institute was filed in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. Dr. Mann, a Professor and Director of the Earth System ...

Aug 30, 2013
Climate Science Watch - breaking news on Mann defamation case. The Climate Science Watch has posted the following breaking news regarding Judge Natalia Combs Greene rejection of another motion to dismiss the ...

Jul 25, 2012
John O'Sullivan is a principle founder and pusher of "Principia Scientific International" a group of AGW deniers intent on spreading misinformation and furthering the echo-chamber's crazy-making regarding the scientific ...

Jan 29, 2014
It relates to Dr. Mann's lawsuit against author Mark Steyn, the National Review and Competitive Enterprise Institute for claiming he's guilty of scientific fraud. In response to another ruling in the plaintiff's favor, one Ben ...

Aug 06, 2013
In a post over at [The Policy and Commentary Blog of the Heartland Institute] Peter Guest's blog, Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann is quoted making one of the most remarkable statements that I've ever heard coming out of a ...

Jul 25, 2012
This recent spate of libelous slander against the dedicated scientist Dr. Michael Mann and the results of his work has taken a disgusting bizarre twist as the Denier Echo-chamber reaches new lows {as mentioned in my ...

Mar 27, 2013
From Dr. Mann's Twitter feed: Watts continues: A simple “no” would suffice, but Dr. Mann seems determined to denigrate people that have different views than him such as Dr. Spencer's Christian faith. How unprofessional.

Jul 31, 2013
{Incidentally, Professor Mann was at the inaugural Geophysical Statistics Project Workshop in Boulder, when he was a graduate student, so to claim he isn't concerned about statistical accuracy is groundless character ...

Jul 22, 2012
Suffice it to say the attacks against Michael Mann have reached new depths of sleaze in their desperate attempts to deny what Earth Observation evidence is showing us. Namely, that Michael Mann's pioneering paleoclimate ...

Apr 05, 2013
As usual Anthony misrepresents and tries to spin Dr. Michael Mann's refusal to play. When that didn't raise enough hackles, Anthony dragged a Christian climate scientist into his pit. Why ? Because she didn't jump to ...

Jul 18, 2013
Discovered and revealed! - Where the climate codes and data have been hiding. While compiling my previous post I came across this interesting list. I know that a lot of folks have been talked into believing that climatologists are hiding data - I think a review of the following list makes clear that such talk is political dirty tricks - and not a reflection of reality or the situation within the climate .... Time series analysis (MTM-SVD, SSA-MTM toolkit, Mann and Lees (1996)).

Jul 18, 2013
Mind you "Mr. Hockey Stick", that is Dr. Mann, is one of the authors at RC. I bring this up because in America when we charge someone with misdeeds or crimes - we allow, and in fact, expect them to respond to incriminating ...

Jul 25, 2013
The experiments compare results based on the global multiproxy dataset used by Mann and coworkers, with results obtained using the extratropical Northern Hemisphere (NH) maximum latewood tree-ring density set used by ...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I want to share a comment from over at WottsUpWithThat and encourage you to offer some financial support to defend the right of scientists to do their work free of malicious campaigns that are dependent on lies and dirty tricks dedicated to misrepresenting and silence their science.

B.D. writes: "I’ve also decided to contribute to the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund by buying a nice t-shirt for $50. If you want, you can get the shirt for $30. Some comments about this affair don’t seem to understand the difference between critiquing a scientific conclusion and accusing a scientist of fraud. I guess that is what happens when people are too lazy or incompetent to understand a scientific article. I relish a good scientific controversy (especially in peer-reviewed literature) but fraud is both rare and scary in science."


badhatharry said...

"Hmmm, no case number, nor court filing named…"

that's not true but michael mann will be proud of you.

rumleyfips said...

It looks like Watts has already admitted this story is a fake.

Now he trots out McIntyre ( I'm a Canadian and he embarasses me even more than Rob Ford ) who is desperately trying to get his nose to grow.

Mann not included in Muir Russell honks our silly Canadian goose, ignoring the mentions of Manns work for the IPCC ( see figure 6.10- AR4), questions, reference material etc.

Desperate times call for desperate measures eh Steve?

citizenschallenge said...

OK, badhatharry,

Turns out it's another of the endless motions lawyers file - And John O made it sound like so much more.

"Defendant Steyn's Answer and Counterclaims to Amended Complaint"
and it's part of the ongoing lawsuit that Dr. Mann initiated against Mark Steyn, Rand Simberg and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, made in reaction to the court's last decision which went against Steyn et al.

The motion's wording is an incredible exercise in Chutzpah. The careful reader will find much sick humor in it.

citizenschallenge said...

Now badhatharry,
can you explain why you think it's OK to maliciously lie about a serious scientist and his work?

Trying to understand this manmade global warming experiment, humanity is running at full throttle, requires a good-faith learning process on everyone's part - but we get players like CEI and pals who have no constructive scientific contribution. Their intent is purely to stop anything that might interfere with their economic/political goals, regardless of the long term consequences.

Unfortunately, one of those goals includes the insane faith that endlessly increasing consumption is possible.

Another insane tenet of the right-wing dogma is that even though we now have over seven billion people on this planet - they believe nothing has changed and they can pretend it's still a wide open cornucopia out there on our planet.

Oh and since I'm on a roll, that mentality of maximizing profits and minimizing expenditures while disregarding "externalities" is another short-sighted self-destructive practice.

So sad, so insanely destructive to our children's future. But, you wouldn't care about tomorrow's world would you badhatharry? Corrective me if I'm wrong.

citizenschallenge said...

Here's an example of the Chutzpah within that motion:

"25. Denies the allegations in Paragraph Twenty-Five of the Amended Complaint, except admits that there was an investigation by former FBI Director Freeh concluding that Penn State and its highest officers had helped cover up the serial child rape perpetrated by Dr Mann’s colleague Jerry Sandusky."

A guy who spent his professional career playing ball games with big boys and hanging out in locker rooms - is no colleague of any serious scientists !

Pete Ridley said...

Hi Ben,

I see that you have picked up on that latest piece of nonsense regarding Dr. Michael Mann coming from John O'Sullivan's PSI blog. It relates to the Mann v Ball defamation case going through the Supreme Court of British Columbia. You may recall that Dr. Tim Ball was a founding member of the PSI blogging group and was its "Chairman" from 2010 until March 2013, at which time John O'Sullivan registered PSI Acumen Ltd. as a private company in the UK ( and declared PSI to be a "subsidiary". Initially John O’Sullivan had the audacity to declare on his PSI Acumen Ltd. “about” page that his group of PSI bloggers were EMPLOYEES of his company but dropped that misleading claim pretty quickly. Maybe he had had a few strongly-worded complaints from some of those “100’s of paid-up members” that back in Dec 2010/Jan 2011 he asked his founding members to help recruit.

Returning to PSI v Mann, on 21st Feb. 2014 John O'Sullivan posted another ludicrous article on his PSI blog, this one claiming that “MICHAEL MANN FACES BANKRUPTCY AS HIS COURTROOM CLIMATE CAPERS COLLAPSE” - a piece of pure fantasy based upon Mark Stein's counter-claim against Mann. You can find more about that in my "work-in-progress" article "SpotlightON - Michael Mann v Tim Ball et al." (

Perhaps one of your readers can explain to me why a 53-year old out-of-work high-school art teacher with these claimed qualifications:
State University of New York (SUNY), Bachelor’s Degree in International and Comparative Law (2004-2007); (Note 2a and 2b)
Leicester University, UK (1995-2000) Doctoral Degree in Education Management and Leadership (combined M.Phil.); (Note 2b)
Brighton Polytechnic, UK (1985-7): Post-graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE); (Note 2c)
West Surrey College of Art & Design, UK (1981-84): Bachelors First Degree: Fine Art & Art History;
(see "Curriculum Vitae for John O'Sullivan (2010)" -

Perhaps not everything that he claimed in that CV stands up to closer scrutiny (read the notes) - but that appears to be typical of its author.

Best regards, Pete Ridley

citizenschallenge said...

Actually I'm Peter, but I'll take the compliment.

;- }


At last account, there are three John O'Sullivan's in play here:

1. John O'Sullivan OBE, former editor of National Review.

2. John O'Sullivan the ersatz Irish barrister who gets climate claptrap published by ediots including some at National Review, who mistake him for 1.

3 John O'Sullivan the nondescript sex offender ( vide supra)

Pete Ridley said...

Hi Russell,

It appears that there are only two John O'Sullivans relevant to this thread
1) - the respected OBE who was editor of National Review and
2) - the out-of-work high-school art teacher who claimed that his articles have featured in National Review and that he was a lawyer/litigator/legal analyst/legal consultant/Member of the ABA and persists in his specious claim to membership[ of the New York County Lawyers Association (your "ersatz Irish barrister"?).

The one-time high-school teacher was acquitted in March 2004 of assault and other charges involving a teenaged schoolgirl and wrote "VANILLA GIRL: A FACT-BASED CRIME STORY OF A TEACHER'S STRUGGLE TO CONTROL HIS EROTIC OBSESSION WITH A SCHOOLGIRL (

You may find of interest the article "So Many Lies and the Liar Who Tells Them" by New Zealand fruit farmer and blogger Gareth Renowden, a staunch supporter of the CACC hypothesis, who commented " .. 'Sky Dragon' John O’Sullivan has never had any article, major or otherwise, published in National Review or Forbes. National Review does have a writer called John O’Sullivan — a prominent and respectable British conservative columnist who acts as their Editor-at-Large. Pressed to confirm his status as a writer for National Review, Sky Dragon O’Sullivan posted links to two articles written by the other John. Tasked with this apparent theft of another’s reputation, he resorted to bluster and attempts to change the subject .. For O’Sullivan, “featuring” in China Daily means having someone post one of your articles in a discussion forum. The same is true for The India Times .. " (

Best regards, Pete Ridley

citizenschallenge said...

Pete, hope you don't mind, I deleted the duplicates and only posted the last one.

I'm thinking it would be cool if folks were more interested in understanding our physical planet and its
Global Heat and Moisture Distribution Engine
and what's happening before our eyes. Consider the state of our climate,
rather than all this wasted time and energy on distracting bull shit and pathetic malicious vandals.