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possessed by the idea of catastrophic climate change?

My "LandscapesAndCycles Penguin Poop (7/1/14)" critique project keeps stretching out.  The price of taking Mr. Steele's advice and going to first sources with my questions.  But, it's a small price indeed considering the many responses and scientific papers I've been receiving and reading, nearly 50 at last count. 

I keep getting closer, but it's still not ready for posting, though I did make it down to the final paragraph today which is such a text book example of deception, and of the ruthless disregard for the civility our man Steele professes and expects of others, that I decided it deserves it's own write up.  

"¶19  "... despite the lack of any warming trend what so ever, the scientific literature is spammed and the public bombarded with more propaganda claiming climate change has put penguins in peril. ... Robert Bolton wrote, “A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses; it is an idea that possesses the mind” and catastrophic climate change is tragically possessing too many minds."
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As for the "lack of warming trend whatsoever" 
this video puts the big picture into perspective, 
followed by links that put the Antarctic situation into perspective,
followed by a look at this CAGW that's "possessing minds".

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First Steele forgets about the ocean that surrounds Antarctica including DDU,  the warming that's melting ice sheets from below and impacting the food chain!
Ice-Shelf Melting Around Antarctica
Rignot, Jacobs, Mouginot, Scheuchl
Published Online June 13 2013
Science 19 July 2013: 
Vol. 341 no. 6143 pp. 266-270 
~ ~ ~
also see
Look Out Below: Antarctic Melting From Underneath
Antarctic Sea Ice Hits New Max; Continent Still Warming
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
and then there is
Different magnitudes of projected subsurface ocean warming around Greenland and Antarctica
Yin, Overpeck, Griffies, Hu, Russell & Stouffer
Nature Geoscience 4, 524–528 (2011)
~ ~ ~
also see
Different magnitudes of projected subsurface ocean warming around Greenland and Antarctica
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
back to the surface
New Reconstruction of Antarctic Near-Surface Temperatures: Multidecadal Trends and Reliability of Global Reanalyses
Julien P. Nicolas and David H. Bromwich
Journal Climate27, 8070–8093.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
not to mention
Widespread, rapid grounding line retreat of Pine Island, Thwaites, Smith, and Kohler glaciers, West Antarctica, from 1992 to 2011
Rignot, Mouginot, Morlighem
Geophysical Research Letters
pages 3502–3509, 28 May 2014
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Marine Ice Sheet Collapse Potentially Under Way for the Thwaites Glacier Basin, West Antarctica
Joughin, Smith, Medley
Published Online May 12 2014
Science 16 May 2014: 
Vol. 344 no. 6185 pp. 735-738 
~ ~ ~
also see
Melt of Key Antarctic Glaciers ‘Unstoppable,’ Studies Find
Warming Air Was Trigger for Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse
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"scientific literature is spammed"
How in the world is anyone supposed to approach an over the top statement like that?  

Spam is unsolicited junk or the act of obnoxiously doing something repeatedly to disturb others.  Using that term to describe serious scientific papers is the indication of an absolutist mind that refuses to consider anything outside their own bubble.  It's offensive vitriol and Mr. Steele wonders why I can accuse him of being a puppet for the Republican/libertarian science denial machine.  

In my recent correspondences with scientists, besides them offering thoughtful concise responses to my questions they have consistently included a study, or two, or three into the bargain, since learning also requires personal effort.  

I've read through them, to the best of my layperson abilities.  These papers are filled with clearly defined procedures, facts, thoughtful analysis, including self critique, acknowledging weakness plus the critique of others.  They are what a constructive adult conversation is supposed to be all about, if only our politicians and their stooges could behave half as grown up the world would be a better place.

Ironically, when someone like me starts challenging Mr. Steele and asking for his sources, he ignores all my requests, instead going ballistic at me within the bubble of a private club.  Watts up with that?

Dear Mr. Steele, regarding your 1/7/15 WUWT post - an open letter...

Mr. Jim Steele, Can you clarify your argument?
LandscapesAndCycles finishes with: 
"Robert Bolton wrote, “A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses; it is an idea that possesses the mind” and catastrophic climate change is tragically possessing too many minds."
Besides the irony of this author, who hides within the vacuum chamber of like-minded ideologies, talking about an "idea possessing people's minds."

Consider Mr. Steele's casual mocking disregard for "catastrophic climate change" fears in light of our down to Earth reality:

§  Is there evidence that our burning of fossil fuels is causing our "global heat distribution engine" to warm up?

§  Will warming (read, energizing) our global heat distribution engine impact the rhythms of the global biosphere that humanity and society has developed within?

§  Will a warming climate system energize our atmosphere's hydrology, both by increasing the amount of water the troposphere holds and by increasing the energy that needs to be dissipated? (read, less, but more intense rain/wind storms).

§  Are our food supply systems dependent on the established rhythms of our 'current' seasons and rain patterns?
§  Will an increasingly warming planet cause it's cryosphere to melt at increasing rates?

§  Will rising sea levels impact coastal installations such a shipping ports, oil refineries, coastal cities and subsurface infrastructure, tourist hotel strips and barrier island real estate holdings, to mention just a few? Sea level rise blog

§  Is the math of compounding interest for real?

What part of we have a problem don't 
Mr. Steele, Watts, Republicans/libertarians, Murdoch, the Koch bros, Inhofe, et. al get?

The truth is out there, hiding from it, or denying it with misdirection and hostility laced ridicule, insults and threats doesn't make it go away!

{ Regarding the penguins, stay tuned } 
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Further information.  

Atlas of Mortality and Economic Losses From Weather Climate and Water Extremes - 1970-2012
World Meteorological Organization

also see
~ ~ ~

Natural Disasters, Armed Conflict, and Public Health
Jennifer Leaning, M.D., and Debarati Guha-Sapir, Ph.D.
N Engl J Med 2013; 369:1836-1842November 7, 2013DOI: 10.1056/NEJMra1109877
also see 
~ ~ ~ 

Munich Climate Insurance Initiative
Climate Change and Rising Weather Related Disasters
~ ~ ~

National Disasters Association - 
Natural Hazards | Global Warming
~ ~ ~

This study was requested by the European Parliament's Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee. Brief 02a/2006
Climate Change and Natural Disasters: Scientific evidence of a possible relation between recent natural disasters and climate change
~ ~ ~

5 natural disasters that beg for climate action
~ ~ ~

Union of Concerned Scientists - Climate Hot Map
Global Warming Effects Around the World
~ ~ ~

The Impact of Climate Change on Natural Disasters
~ ~ ~

World Food Programme
How Climate Change Affects Hunger
~ ~ ~

Environment New York
In the Path of the Storm

~ ~ ~

Evidence for a wavier jet stream in response to rapid Arctic warming
Jennifer A Francis and Stephen J Vavrus 
2015 Environ. Res. Lett. 10 014005
also see
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