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Considering the silliness of Dr. L.W. at SoD #1

I'm home alone and have been musing so instead of finishing my review of L.W.'s much commended comments, a reread had me turning my response
 to his opening gambit into a full length editorial of sorts.
The Holocaust, Climate Science and Proof
L.W. wrote February 12, 2015 at 1:26 am:I started out conditionally accepting the AGW position because many experts claimed it was so. 
~ ~ ~
Well there's the first mistake.  How about this:  

I started out learning about our Earth in high school (early 1970s) science classes, that led to the atmosphere, which inevitably led to learning about AGW.  The instructors with their text books (consensus) laid out the fundamentals of our atmosphere and how greenhouse gases behave.  That is, by allowing short-wave ultra-violet rays enter and warm Earth's surface and then catching the outflowing long-wave infrared rays.  Or more accurately slowing down their escape.

We also learned about the incredible amounts of fossil fuels our society (we) were burning.  This stuff was/is increasing our atmosphere's Heat Retention Ability.  That extra CO2, plain and simple was going to warm our planet.  Like putting on extra layers of clothing when you're already comfortable.  Simple down to Earth logic!

This atmospheric property doesn't turn on and off at will.  So when an incredibly complex  globally (actually, excluding polar regions) averaged surface temperature data set jogs up and down or stays down a little longer than most expected, I understood the place to look was within natural and manmade variability, and the measurements. not in pretending that the physics of greenhouse gases had gone on a vacation so that global warming could go on a "hiatus".  

Think about it, there is a big difference between the warming water in a kettle and our ability to measure the temp. profile of said steaming kettle. 

It's obvious that the global heat engine as a whole was still accumulating heat and that it was quite probably going into the ocean.  As ocean studies and ongoing observations are showing with ever more resolution.

I also understand that thousands of educated, competitive scientists and other professionals are studying all the different components of our global heat distribution engine and they understanding how those components are interacting.  Not for love of money, but for love of learning about our magnificent planet Earth and understanding her processes!

I listen to them explain their work, their results and conclusions - it fits together in a coherent story that makes sense.  Then I listen to the likes of Dr. Lindzen of the Republican/libertarian school, he presents no coherent scientific argument.  Nope, instead he's all arm waving with fast and loose slander about how unprincipled and kowtowed he believes climate scientists are.  And on the authority of his chutzpah he advises his tribe to just ignore the community of experts and their evidence. Lindzen presents no evidence just his ego and his audience is good with that - after all it's what they wanted to hear.

As for our Earth, me being an adventurous soul I've managed to travel quite a bit, being a working stiff it's been at street level.  Always having to work, thereby walking in many different shoes over the decades.  I've learned to appreciate our complex society, it's folds within folds of complexity ticking away like clockwork.  But, I've also learned to appreciate how dependent we are on predictable moderate weather patterns for this great organism to function properly.

Here we are 2015 and as all the incoming evidence makes absolutely clear warming continues. Observations show that it's already making a difference all over our planet. The fact that extremely complex global circulation models still can't nail it 100% doesn't change the picture of what's evolving here on Earth.

The physics, and observations, also makes absolutely clear that warming our planet will also melt glaciers, which are often anchors for local hydrologic and even weather systems throughout the world.  

Ditto the North and South Poles with their not fully understood but sure as sunrise cascading impacts on ocean and jet stream patterns and such things that impact our global weather systems.  What part of all this doesn't make perfect sense? 

I also know about 40% of the world's population lives within 60 miles of the coast and that it is certain sea level rise will increasingly destroy infrastructure and reduce habitable land, to say nothing of adversely impacting estuaries and fresh water aquifers, etc.

I would think Hybridized Superstorm Sandy made this plenty clear. 

This isn't conjecture or hand waving, it's geophysical facts with Earth observations documenting the changes. These are trends, meaning it's going to keep right on getting even more intense. 

Hiding from it or villainizing or demeaning or running from messengers isn't going to make it go away.

Political, business leaders and the public has a right to learn 
about climate science without malicious interference!

Serious science is not about "tolerance of diversity" 
Science is about pinning down the facts 
as well as possible
and always learning. 

It's not about relying on 
"only what others are telling us"   
It's about trusting a huge community of experts 
who keep each other honest !


Documentary about our Global Heat Distribution Engine
NOVA's Earth From Space

Documentary Galaxy HD
(sure it's 'hollywoodized' some, but it's still a pretty good introduction and overview..)

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Melanie said...

I don't understand why some people on this planet, are still trying to fool us regarding climate change.
We all see how deep we went with this phenomenon already, we have almost no winters in areas where a few years ago we had nice snow and cold temperatures.
Today we can see snow in parts of the U.S., where a few years ago had warmer winters. Everything is upside down and they bother us with lies.
Even France's President Francois Hollande called for more actions against climate change: