Monday, August 12, 2019

Diary August 11, 2019 - Defeated? What's it mean?

I received the following comment in response to my "Diary July 31, 2019" which was an introduction of sorts to why I've dedicated this month to Earth's Pageant of Evolution.  Since it's clear that “Defeat” is something we rationalists will be forced to deal with more and more, I’ve decided to offer this challenging response as a stand alone post.  

Thanks, it's nice to know some can relate to what I'm trying to write about. 

"Defeated" is such an ugly word.  How about righteously pissed off, heartbreakingly disappointed, fatalistic resignation as I watch the tipping points sneak past an apathetic willfully ignorant public thanks to ruthlessly dishonest propaganda media empires.  Sure, I’ve felt profound defeats that have floored me, but if you're alive you can’t stay on the floor for long.

You know in our own life's delicate dance we're required to be 'Present' to something - what will it be?  I can't watch Trump news, too much 'crazy making' going on, the normalization of their unAmerican dysfunctionality and their hideous disconnect from physical reality is too much.  Add to that continued Democratic Party ineptness, massive voter indifference, and it's simply horrifying for me to keep watching since it's beyond my ability to do anything about - when so few actually care or are aware.  All that's left for me is to continue striving to better enunciate rational fundamental principles and to continue living my life with dignity best I can.

My inner spirit is alive and well - supported by appreciation for down to Earth reality along with my place in the flow of Evolution, (rather than dependence on self-delusion and angry insecurity).  I've lived a life that the young me would be as proud of as the old me is.  No horror can take that away.  Besides, I'm aware that I'm a passionate empathetic guy and I learned long ago getting my heart kicked in and torn up now and then, is part of living an engaged life, then we get up, dust off and cowboy up.  

Not that I'm a cowboy, ...  though I can ride a horse… and I did pound hundreds of yards worth of T posts, strung and stretched plenty of barbed wire, and bucked hay in younger days, shoveled a bit of horse shit too.  I even have one truly epic ride under my belt, over Stony Pass, down Cunningham Gulch, then on to Silverton, during a winter blizzard {that then cleared up with an astounding full moon behind it and hours of riding still ahead of us.} bringing in a string of horses.  Oh what a day and night, late October back in ‘83, still, I'm no cowboy. ;- )

I am an Earth Centrist and that means something.  

Once we figure out we’re a tangible part of Earth 
and Her Pageant of Evolution, 
no matter how insignificant, 
there’s a sense of belonging that’s rooted in reality,
that beats all else.

Way better than Scriptures, and the God of our EGO's, and the one dimensional self-serving tribal fantasies about their god of greed, er "prosperity" that so many preachers have learned to peddle for profits and power.

Being aware and a part of the flow of time, living the moments we are given.  Appreciating the moments of our lives as an enlightened thoughtful human.  Reveling in one's dance across life's stage, our moment of awareness and being here, the coolest thing the Universe has ever witnessed - well except for our stupid ugly self-destructive side.

It sure beats the pants out of heaven or hell.  What's that for anyways?  To calm some because you're terrified of death and squandered lives?  Beyond that, what are you without your physical body?  Think it through.    

Even in times like this, with all the destruction and promise of worse to come, it's still much better to live in the sunshine and awareness of Earth's Pageant of Evolution, if it's genuine emotional and spiritual strength you're looking for.

Peter, why are you an Earth Centrist?

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