Monday, February 8, 2016

Considering the Republican/libertarian need to slander intellectual opponents

In musing on recent rabid (I used that word deliberately) attacks on me, I can't help but think about that Republican/libertarian passion for transforming every 'opponent' into some target for the most underhanded, grade-school level, personalized, totally distracting and irrelevant attacks.  

I've watched impeccable scientists and politicians and spokespeople trashed with the most demeaning garbage, all intent on keeping our eye's off the prize. 

Unfortunately their audience accepts and endorses such behavior and want to see issues melodramatized.  It's literally like our collective moral fiber has dissolved taking with it peoples' curiosity to understand their world.

In the past decades special-self-interest groups have calculatedly worked very hard to suppress that good old American awareness and impulse towards respect and friendship with diverse individuals.  Tragically, seems they've succeeded.

What's up with that?  Why that constant obsession with stripping us of our humanity?

It's important because after decades of increasingly better understanding, including improvements in teaching climate science, not to mention the changes being documented throughout our biosphere - that political/ideological barrier hasn't soften a bit.  

It's as though the concept of Enlightened Self Interest has never occurred to them.  Either that or their own short term self-interest eclipses everything.  I don't believe it's possible to make any significant dent without first figuring out how to grapple with that most fundamental emotional problem out there: 

The Republican/libertarian inability to recognize and acknowledge the humanity in their opponents and enemies.

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