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Return of Lord of the Flies (#10…)

Oh dear, my ol pal AL can't leave it be.  
He again provides me with such an excellent example of what the Republican/libertarian PR Machine is all about and the tactics they are reduced to, I'm not letting it go to waste. 

It is posted with his words unaltered, no courtesy spell correction here.  I carry on a rhetorical conversation with AL, since he never listens to what his 'opponents' are trying to explain.  I figure it might help some appreciate what is going on out there in the Republican/libertarian alter-universe, since this is the way they go after any messenger of climate science education.

It's worth making a big deal out of, because this is how they keep us away from addressing the real issues, instead we continue wasting yet more precious irreplaceable time.
Arne wrote - February 6, 2016, 6:15 PM 
+Dave Smith Jesus, you're retarded. Just go back and read you own wall of text you have posted here. But I'm not surprised if you won't, since they are just dishonest ramblings.  (If you take the time to scroll up the interminable thread, you'll notice that Dave knows very well how to read scientific papers and respond to challenges in a even toned, polite, informative, I dare say, constructive, manner.)
     "never said that"
     "Mama, I didn't steal those cookies!"
     "can you provide an actual example of dishonesty, rather than the ones invented in your head." 
I have - several times. You tactic of asking the same over and over again just makes you look even more dishonest. (A review of the above dialogue reveals it's actually an indication of AL's avoidance of the topic.  He's always too busy trash-talking and trying to emotionally wear down his opponent, to directly respond to questions, so they must be repeated.)

Arne wrote - February 6, 2016, 6:31 PM
+citizenschallengeYT "Attempting to engage in an adult discussion"

There is not possible to do that with you two idiots. One known all over the internet as a troll with no substance and a pathetic lack of knowledge about what he is talking about. The other a dishonest rambling "retired physicist" - haha - that even lack the competence to follow links, let alone read a scientific paper.
Btw, have you had any more drug induced life altering experiences since you wrote this?  
What of it?  Life altering experiences, oh my.  
Read the whole thing.  
Get specific about your complaints, but nah, trash talk is all you're about.

Besides Arne, you're not my intended audience anyways, you're an example that helps me demonstrate the base petty nastiness that permeates the climate science contrarian crowd.  It's hideous and makes constructive action impossible.  Someone out there needs to figure out how to deal with it.  Won't come from me, but perhaps I can help brake the ice.

Back to CFI, sure if you care enough to want to learn about me, that's a good place to go, been my little discussion haunt for a long time, and we could use some new blood.  Here's another couple fun recent conversations over at CFI:
     Intelligent Design
     Climate models 

Arne, you sound like some jealous homeboy that never mustered the will to venture out into the wide open world out there.  Admittedly that was much easier in my day.  Mind you, I turned 18 in 1973, hallelujah and glory be and I've made it to 60, and still standing.  I've experienced more miles and adventures and love and I've worked/experienced/learned from more jobs than you can imagine, good times and bad.  I've met plenty like you, angry and flailing, but having no clue who your real enemies are.  Tell you one thing, it sure ain't me, get over it.

Arne, and Jim and Poptech, exhaust your scared angry petty minds of all their nasty talk and tut-tutting.  At least I went out there and lived my life and am fulfilled for the adventure.  No matter what dirty tricks lay in store, you can't take that away from me babe.  Look at you, all you got is this rage and disregard for things and people you don't understand.  

Not to mention a total disrespect, or is it simply oblivion, for all that makes our modern lives possible  That and an absolute disconnect (you could say denial) of our real physical planet.

(This link has been rerouted to my repost and response.)

That's about John Christy the creationist sympathizer who's a climate scientist.  He also runs a lucrative moonlighting gig misrepresenting the work of his fellow climate scientists.  Recently he gave "testimony" before the US House of Representatives at the invitation of Republican extremists (in that they've disconnected themselves from acknowledging our real physical Earth).  
This is all I have to say about that:

For a little about Dr. Christy:

About the hearing:

Here's an interesting comment regarding Christy's House testimony:

@footbawlguy Hmmmmm, that sounds interesting but it's simply wrong. 

There are plenty of serious papers that point out in myriad ways that much of Christy's work, especially his work questioning the relationship of certain temperature data sets and various climate models and his work on the relationship of various climate data sets is wrong, 

You can argue about _why_ he got it wrong, or why he didn't do the follow up work to flesh out his arguments but . . . his big picture conclusions, the ones he claims matter, have been show, time and again, to be bad science. 

See, for example, these three papers that directly contradict a range of his conclusions: 

There are many more along those lines . . . all better researched, smarter, more robust work, that, in short, shows that (even if you put aside his opinions about various other matters) Christy's straightup science is, for the most part, sloppy and misleading work. I'm not sure there's really much argument about whether or not Christy's scientific work holds up

It is true that he has a kind of parallel career gathering a slice of temperature data, mostly satellite microwave sounding data, and that work, which seems to generally not support, say, his testimony to Congress is perhaps slightly better respected.

UAH Misrepresentation Anniversary, Part 1 - Overconfidence

One satellite data set is underestimating global warming
A new study suggests that the University of Alabama at Huntsville is lowballing the warming of the atmosphere

Arne, while you're busy fabricating hatred and resentment, here's a peak at what's happening in the real world regardless of all your hysterical distractions:


Arne, you want intelligent conversation?  Try these on for size.  Lets get down to basics.  ;- )
God flowing into the Word 
There They Go Again...
Back on point:


Paradise Lost: How the Climate Catastrophe May Be Tied to a Fatal Flaw in Human Evolution

Evolved intelligence underpinned progress, but that progress revealed a defect in human psychology.

February 5, 2016

Global temperatures are increasing, the Arctic is melting and oceans are rising. Reports of catastrophic weather events are now a regular part of the news cycle. Paradise, if not yet lost, is severely under the weather. So why are we failing to set things right? Could it be that our problems are an intrinsic consequence of the evolutionary process itself? Could evolution have an Achilles’ heel and, if so, can it be mended? ...

Could it be that an intellect forged alongside our other inherited dispositions, over countless aeons, has bequeathed us a poisoned chalice, and indeed, could this be the inevitable outcome of evolution whenever and wherever it occurs? For here we are, the ‘paragon of animals’, rapidly degrading our only home, teetering on the edge of a precipice, whilst gazing into space and wondering about other civilizations. 

Climate change and sustainability challenge our instinctive beliefs and values, and threaten our world-view of a continuing status quo. We are the victims of shortcomings in our cognition and innate behaviour, a simple consequence of evolution’s Achilles heel – its inability to anticipate the future. As the only animal that can contemplate its origins and imagine its future we owe it to ourselves, to future generations and to the natural world to consciously seek ways of dealing with the global problems we face. ...

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