Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Citizenschallenge, what's with the anger?

The other day I spoke with an accomplished friend, I was trying to get some feedback on this blog.  His take away thoughts were: "contains too much anger."  
"turn that anger into a force for good, positive things." 

I've been chewing on that quite a bit - critical self-reflection you could say.  

Anger?  My anger?  Climate Science Contrarian anger?  The anger that allows people to maliciously slander honorable productive experts?  

It is true that I do confront various spokespersons for this concerted attack on serious science.  Yes, I call individuals out for repeatedly lying and slandering.  But, I'd call that thoughtful confrontation, supported by evidence, not anger.

Confrontation doesn't need to be about anger, in my case it's about desperately, you could say passionately, trying to have a rational constructive dialogue.  

But, all these spokesmen keep running from constructive debate.  So what choice is there?  It's about evidence and constructive learning and if they keep running away from it, what's left but to confront them with it?

Their disinformation campaign is about destroying all attempts at constructive dialogue and learning and preparation for this brave new world barreling down on us.  

They believe out and out lying about real down to Earth facts, is their "Free Speech Right"  - Why should we the people be satisfied with that?  How can we prepare for this challenging future if knowingly lying about physical facts is okay?

After some soul searching I believe I can honestly say that I don't feel any personal malice towards the people who's lies I confront.  Be they Steele, Poptech 1000frolly or any of the others.  I don't have the time for that, or them on that sort of personal level, I have my own life and living it with dignity fills my time.  Why would I want to stoop down to their level of dogma driven personal emotionally charged hatred - come on, we're all just humans trying to get through our day to days.  

It is the lies and malicious slander and confusion and stupefaction they peddle to which I take umbrage.  For whatever deterministic reasons I am passionate about that and it seems to me a thing worth writing about.  

As for the poor formatting and such, I'll keep working on it.  If anyone out there 'gets' what I'm trying to do here and would care to lend some assistance, please do contact me.  You'll find me an attentive and appreciative student. 

Cheers, thanks for looking in and best wishes.

PS.  "We need each other to keep ourselves honest." 

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Kevin O'Neill said...

I would note that written communication between people who are not close friends or acquaintances can often be filled with misinterpretation. Personally, I grew up on Mad Magazine, National Lampoon, and Monty Python. My sense of humor can be warped or silly or extremely 'sick' depending on my mood. My friends would laugh or shake their heads at some of the things I write online, but not mistake any of it for anger.