Monday, June 13, 2016

NC-20 Dave Burton runs to echo-chamber, Poptech's clubhouse.

As predicted I might add.  Rather then engaging in a good faith dialogue (or dispute if you like) Dave went running to his echo chamber to complain about what a nasty character I am and Poptech was happy to provide a stage.  

He posted the following comment at his blog, after marching over to that Republican/libertarian climate science attacking crowd to do his whining.  With their typical nasty brand of barroom derision, they are having a field day piling it on.  That it's contrived bull-shit purely intended to demean the messenger and self-justify their willfully ignoring the substance of the information I've confronted him/them with, goes over their heads.  They seem to feel oh so holy, not a doubt in their minds.

But that is one of the big tragedies, these people won't even honestly listen to what one is trying to explain to them.  They simply cannot handle crediting anyone they disagree with, everyone who opposes their self-certain fantasy, becomes the enemy and is open to any and every attack.

They reframe every fact to suit their faith-based conviction.  It's like they've created their own fantasy world from start to finish, one founded on their political dogma and paranoia - one frighteningly devoid of all basic awareness/appreciation for the physical world we depend on.  

My bias is understanding and appreciating this planet and I stand prepared to engage in a constructive debate with any climate science "skeptic-contrarian" type who has the intellectual integrity to actually listen to what his opponent is saying!  

And then to respond directly to those points, without juvenile meaningless distractions.  

As for my character references, what can I say?

"CitizenschallengeAE" is one Pete Miesler, and "whatsupwiththatwatts" is one of his web sites.

I attempted to answer his questions on his moderated blog site, before I knew who he is. Bizarrely, he deleted my answers and then demanded that I respond. I wondered, "what's the matter with this guy?" So I googled him, and this is what I found:  www.populartechnology.n...


Response to Dave Burton 6/13/2016 morning

Dave, stop whinning and stop lying. Simply because I don't post everyone of your flood of tricky-dick-coding laced comments -> with a clear explanation that I don't do spam doesn't mean I've "deleted" any serious direct comments you've offer.  Just that you haven't offered any NO cut'n pasting distractions won't cut it at CC or WUWTW, I'm looking for substance!

You believe your one-sided monologue that ignores and dances around every particular - is something I should except. Nonsense. Mr. Burton respond to my particulars in a serious good faith manner. I wonder if you even know what that is! 

Also I have made quite clear that I have moved our "dialogue" to WhatsUpWithThatWatts.blogspot, citizenschallenge.blogspot is not the place for the kind of mud wrestling you engage in.

Simple, straightforward. Now it's time for you to show some intellectual substance, rather than running back to the comfort and support of your echo-chamber for this drama queen performance.  Grow up!

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citizenschallenge said...

Regarding the "deletions" NC-20 Burton is crying about, I did reproduce a couple of his comments, replacing his tricky dick coding with ???. Dave, as Steve Martin would say, Weelll, exxcuuuuse me.
But I've made my policy clear.


If you won't make the investment to write down direct comments -
you obviously haven't taken the time to consider what I've written -
in which case you are not responding to my specifics -
in which case I owe you no stage.

Good day sir.

citizenschallenge said...

Oh and for the record, I did post Dave's first three comments including all of his sneaking coding, that blossomed into all sorts of nonsense when approved.

Incidentally Dave, it is funny in a sick pathetic sort of way, that you are dependent on secret coding as the way slip your message through?

You people seem incapable of being upfront about anything. That is a real shame for all of us.