Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dworkin Report, Trump National Security Concerns?, who cares

Director of the FBI Comey, 

Do We The People of the United States have a right to learn about the full extent of Trump's business entanglements with Russia and China who's businesses are pretty much government run and whom as I recall are life long sworn enemies of the United States? 

Before the man is confirmed as President of the United States, before the Electoral College meets!  

Mr. Comey, why did you protect and minimize these connections when in reality they are of utmost National Security important?  But like so many other things I always thought were important to Americans, it was tossed out with the bath water of hatred towards Hillary and the impotent Democratic Party.

What about the Dworkin Report, please discuss it.

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Dear fellow Americans, including Trump voters,

Please look at this man Trump.

His actions show contempt and disinterest in our government.
Offer one piece of contra-evidence!
Voted for Trump?  I can comprehend the Trump supporters who want to destroy our government as we know and sweep it out of the way for mega business interests.  But has that really become the majority of our country???

Trump doesn't even want to live in America's White House, it's too ordinary for his Gold Gilded tastes.   Think about that the next time you're sweeping out your hovel.

And regular struggling Americans voted for such a dangerous destructive mentality?  What were Trump supporters voting for anyways?  Change, protest, anger, because they were desperate to believe anyone bold enough to make impossible promises?  But, to vandalize our government including services and protections you depend on?

A man who sees government as nothing but an impediment to mega multinational corporations and their oligarchs?

Perhaps you were only driven by your disgust with Hillary Clinton and the Democrats? Okay, fair enough.  Like the rage filled spurned lover who vents by burning down the house.
Great, now what!
You make no sense to me.  
Slick advertising and being told what you want to hear, 
rather than putting in the time and effort that critical thinking demands.

Oh yeah, Faith.  That's the big thing in the heartland.

Faith is great, but when cold hard down to Earth realities are ignored because they are an affront to your personal faith something is wrong.

Doubting down on your faith by becoming blind to our planet's realities is likewise suicidal.

I remember when the Christian Faith was something people held in their hearts and displayed through their behavior.  But during my decades I've watched that once proud and honorable Christian attitude morph.  Before our eyes the media machine warped it into something hateful, a cynical immensely powerful, but oh so petty political bludgeon.  It has nothing to do with understanding Jesus' passion or the lessons of the Bible and the worship of the God Creator of Time and Light,  Life and Love. 

Think about it.  

As for what happen election day.  Talk about shooting our collective-selves in the foot, lordie, this time we hit way higher.  What will happen when you find out that this Trump you thought was your savior, is nothing more than a greedy egomaniacal bully out to vandalize government, demolish regulations and agencies that were put in place to protect our health and way of life of citizens like you.  

Then on to destroying environment regulations, because these fools don't understand we depend on a healthy environment for all we hold dear.  After that, giving away public lands to mega billionaires and corporations who will then build their fences around what used to belong to We The People.  Make no mistake, we ordinary Americans are going to get locked out of those lands once that happens.

The Electoral College is speeding at us, four weeks away.  These next days are of the utmost importance to the rest of our lives, there will never be another opportunity as appropriate or ripe.  We The People need to demand that FBI and other security services share their, by now I imagine, extensive information about Trump's extensive foreign business entanglements.  

We The People have a right to know what's in there, even if Mr. Comey says don't worry about it.

We The People, it's our move, and this opportunity will never ever come around again.

Demand that FBI Director Comey disclose their Trump Files.

Then have Director Comey account for his election interference.

We already complain that Big Business controls too much of our government.

Trump wants to hand it over to Big Business, are you going to oppose that?

If We The People don't stand up the billionaires Alt-right Movement now, they will steamroller us.  The Alt-right knows ruthlessness like most Americans can't fathom.  We The People, our move.

The Dworkin Report
Evidence Tying Donald Trump to Russia

Scott J. Dowkin
Co-Founder and Senior Advisor, The Democratic Coalition
November 10, 2016


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