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Rep. Ruben Gallego, needs your help and encouragement, write him.

I generally try to be very respectful of copyright laws, but until December 19th we are in national emergency mode and I will occasionally take the liberty of sharing the work of others in the hope it'll encourage some who have so far remained on the sidelines to realize how important it is to get engaged now, and drag along as many others as you can.  

Political backbones are fortified by voter feedback and prodding.  We The People already let the impotent Democratic Party botch a totally winnable election campaign because they are so out of touch and timid.  Now they are again playing la-di-da, thinking nice, nice will temper these Alt-Rights vandals who have already declared their intention to destroy our government as we know it. 

Remember this proclaimed desire to vandalize our government is decades old and they have very efficiently kept moving towards the goal while our DNC slumbered in self delusions.  Don't imagine one moment they are not screwing at the bit to start enacting their radical plan to remold America into their White Christian Nation dedicated to the oligarch's interests.  A country where no regulation will interfere in big business affairs according to the template set out by Ayn Rand's awkwardly written illusions. Oh what "interesting times" these will become.

Old Democratic guard you are fools, get out of the way.  We The People have a fight, you are not up for.  It's a fight we can't lose and you folks simply are not taking it serious enough.  Make room for the young and the aware and energetic such as Arizona's Ruben Gallego.

Dear fellow American citizen, if you are scared and angry, don't let it fester, DO SOMETHING.  Defend yourselves.  Focus that passion into a constructive Loyal to America Opposition to Trump this Russian Obligate we've allowed to get elected president of this land.  

Actively support Democrats such as Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego as they stand up to cut out the Democratic Party dry rot and replace it with some thoughtful, eloquent, passionate people.  Because our government is better than the bad apples inhabiting it and it deserves to be saved with personnel improvements, rather than blind vandalism.


By Laura Clawson  |  Thursday Nov 17, 2016  | 

If you were looking for a Democrat to say no, it is too dangerous to try to work with Donald Trump, even on infrastructure—meet Rep. Ruben Gallego. Gallego spoke on the House floor Wednesday night, and while he opened by expressing his understanding of President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s efforts to make the transition of power run smoothly, “I feel that I have a different obligation at this moment, as do my colleagues in this House.”

I have a duty to tell the truth about Donald Trump. We cannot treat him like any other politician, or even like any other Republican, because he is not. He represents something much more dangerous. And while none of us want this to be the case, we have a duty to treat him like the threat he is – a threat to our values, a threat to our people, and a threat to our national identity. 

And tell the truth Gallego did—leading to repeated interruptions from the chair warning him not to say such things about Trump on the House floor. But Gallego didn’t just call Trump out as a sexual predator, as a demagogue, as a bigot, as a liar. 

He didn’t just highlight Trump’s upcoming Trump University fraud trial, his lack of financial disclosure, his hiring of a white nationalist as a top adviser, his plan to deport millions of immigrants. 

All that is why, Gallego said, “I was alarmed by the words of senior leaders from both the progressive and centrist wings of the party regarding their openness to working with Donald Trump on infrastructure.”

Under ordinary circumstances, we would welcome a plan to invest in infrastructure -- even if that plan came from the other side of the aisle. Especially if it came from the other side of the aisle! 

But Donald Trump is not an ordinary politician. He is a con-artist. He has refused to give the American people reason to believe that he is not in this to enrich himself. In fact, he has bucked tradition by maintaining his family's interest in a private corporation. 

And, unfortunately, his infrastructure plan is really a privatization scheme, rife with graft and corruption, whose real purpose is to enrich the Trump family and his supporters. He is not reaching out. He is reaching his hand into America's pockets, just as he has his whole career. And we must not let him do it. 

by Laura Clawson, posted at

November 17, 2016 In The News
by Matthew Yglesias

Democrats in Congress appear to be taking the idea of “give Trump a chance” seriously, with Jennifer Steinhauser reporting on a surprisingly wide consensus ranging from Chuck Schumer to Elizabeth Warren that Democrats should try to work with Trump on an infrastructure bill and perhaps other priorities in order to distance him from congressional Republican leaders.

Jonathan Chait says this is political malpractice, and Brad Plumer’s explainer on the actual content of Trump’s infrastructure plan reveals that it actually has nothing in common with liberal ideas on infrastructure.  ...

FYI. Finding Your US Representative's Contact Info

If you're ready to demand some answers, here's a good place to begin your search.  Remember your representative's courage is in direct proportion to your grassroots letter writing and pressure.  A healthy democracy demands an informed and engaged electorate.

The next election is only two years away.  Can you help the Democratic Party find it's way again? 


Massive letter writing campaigns are what give our politicians their backbone.  Please stop expecting others to put in the tedious effort, America needs you!  NOW!  Before the Electoral College meets on December 19th.  Thereafter, we are going to get steamrollered in direct proportion to the strength of the opposition Democratic rank and file can muster. 

This is going to be a long unpleasant struggle that must be fought if we are to save American democracy and a civil united national society.

Col. Tom Moe, US Air Force, Vietnam POW has a few words of warning for Patriotic Americans


The Dworkin Report:  
Evidence Tying Donald Trump to Russia

Scott J. Dowkin
Co-Founder and Senior Advisor, The Democratic Coalition
November 10, 2016


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