Monday, November 21, 2016

Petition US agencies to release Trump files, now.

Why this petition doesn't have millions of signatures I'll never understanding.  We spend billions of dollars on every National Security concern, contrived or real.  But now when it comes to giving our government to a salesman promoter with untold business entanglements with enemy foreign nationals who themselves are entangled in enemy government affairs and so few are concerned about learning the scope of Donald Trump's obligations?  It's unbelievable, but then no more so than our last election cycle.  Can you help?  Can you spread the news?  Can you become engaged.  These Alt-Rights are chomping at the bit to demolish all we've achieved this past half century and more, unless millions of previously sideliner patriots get involved, get informed, engage !  We The People it's our move.

Campaign Action

Our Message to President Obama and all federal agencies :

Under the Obama administration we've seen increased transparency and better technology to make government data accessible to the public. In light of the Trump presidency, we implore you to release as much data as you can before the administration changes and the public losses insight into valuable government data on climate science, police brutality, research and many other areas.

Obama's administration has prided itself on increasing transparency and using technology to open up government. 

We need all federal agencies to release as much of the data and information to the public as possible before Trump puts climate deniers in charge of the EPA, who could erase troves of research on climate science.

In January, Trump and his minions will run federal agencies. This is bad news for everyone who believes in a transparent government. 

Trump has proven he wants control and secrecy--he's turned the press corp away, hidden his taxes, and asked for top-secret clearance for his family. 

Now, he's going to be in control of enormous amounts of government data that he and his cronies shouldn't be trusted with. 

There is countless critical data located in government records. The EPA, DOJ, HUD, FHA, BOP, as well as dozens of other federal agencies, are home to some of the most important information in existence. Once Trump gets into office, what’s to stop his people from destroying important data? Or destroying records about police brutality in cities where there are ongoing DOJ investigations?

We stand to lose a lot of our access to information. Without transparency there can be no accountability. Please tell federal agencies to publicly release the data while they still can. We will continue to increase pressure in the coming weeks at each agency. 

Sign the petition: Tell Obama's agency heads to increase transparency and free the data before Trump takes office.


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