Thursday, November 10, 2016

A view from Germany on Trump's America | V. Venema

Over the past months I've diverted to the tragic 2016 American election campaign and as time permitted I tried adding my two cents worth, not that anyone pays any attention.  But it seemed important to try.  

I'm still a bit numb and don't feel like writing about it though it's time to move on.  Fortunately I read something my friend Victor Venema wrote and I think it would make a fitting last post on the subject, at least over here at WUWTW.

Perhaps given my own German heritage I’m more conditioned to appreciate this outsider’s perspective on what just happened here in my United States of America.  Today, just like I had a healthy fear Clinton would blow this election, I have an even stronger fear of the irreparable harm Trump’s Presidency and Republican rapaciousness will do to America's way of government and life.  

Among the many fears, here it's worth mentioning Republican's general denial of AGW realities along with their hostility towards our scientific institutions and their diverse communities of scholars.  A Canadian style de-funding and even data destruction is not out of the question with the current regime.  

In any event, I thought Victor Venema does a good job of summarized why so many are so scared as a new era unfolds.  I think it's a fitting end to WUWTW's diversion into US Election 2016.
A view from Germany on Trump's America 

It is a dreary dark rainy cold day in Bonn. The right setting for the catastrophe that just happened in America.
German children’s radio tries to explain why the adults are freaking out. …

... Please see the Trump presidency in the same way. By all means hope for the best case scenario, but be prepared for the worst case scenario. Do not keep an open mind about Trump, be vigilant, start organizing and informing yourself now. Read up on German and Italian history. Inform yourself what is happening in Russia and The Philippines. Bob Altemeyer's The Authoritarians is great book for insight into their behavior and thinking. 
Make sure everyone knows about the [[Reichstag fire]] and how it was used to destroy the German democracy. A more recent US example is 9/11 and how it was used to take many constitutional freedoms away. This expansion of government power will now allow Trump to spy, jail and intimidate the opposition. People need to know this, so they can recognize the pattern and protest before it is too late. 
Most of this post is aimed at progressives, I presume they read my blog most. If you are a rational conservative, like most conservatives in continental Europe, please speak up, please inform and talk to your peers. They will listen to you most. "America first" only means that the others have it worse, not that America has it good. Fascists are not conservatives, they are revolutionaries.  …

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