Monday, November 21, 2016

What Is the Alt-Right? - Richard Spencer on origins and history.

I have a free day and spent the morning writing an article I had titled “Profiles in Appeasement - Alden Meyer” based on his 11/18/16 interview on “Love of Earth.”  Good stuff, unfortunately in my haste and neglect of computer housekeeping I lost it all the way to the first two paragraphs of what was hours worth of 1500 words, both his quotes and my comments plus supplemental information.  Big bummer.

I needed a break and regroup so decided to learn a little more than Steven Bannon as the face of the Alt-right and listened to a short YouTube by Richard Spencer president of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist think-tank and perhaps the person who first coined the term Alt-Right a long time ago, titled What is the Alt-Right.

Under the fold he discusses the meaning and history of the Alt-Right.  It turned out to be more interesting than expected and I recommend it to every concerned citizen.

There are many different elements and agendas at play here.  The future of our country depends on millions of conversations happening across our respective "left" and "right" fences.  Lordie knows the people in charge don’t have a clue, nor do they have our backs, it's us who have to figure this out on our own.  Our collective future depends on it.

Now I need to attend to other things before starting all over on Alden but I wanted to get something posted this 'morning'.   

Food for thought.
It's actually pretty scary stuff.
But it needs to be understood.  

What Is the Alt-Right? 

Richard Spencer discusses it's meaning and history #AltRight

Published on Dec 13, 2015 by Radix Journal


"If you want to learn about the Alt-Right, the "biological reality of race" and the "importance of white racial consciousness", here you go.  These are the people that we have handed our government to, We The People, it's your move.

Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance gives his take.
Think about it.  Appeasement isn't going to work.

Learn about what's happening and challenge their thinking on a person to person level.  That may have a chance.  Well, that is, if millions of previous sideliners get off the bench, get informed, create community around you, get engaged.  The future of America is in our hands, we know where these people are dead set taking it to.  Our move.

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