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This is what manufactured denial looks like. - Readfearn

Here's a recent must read article that I'd love to repost over here since it fits right into my collection.  But, I don't think this one's in the cards.  I can still post this teaser that hints at what you'll find within Readfearn's thorough expose'.  

What happened to the lobbyists who tried to reshape 
the US view of climate change?

Climate change skepticism

Friday 27 February 2015 

"In early 1998, ... 
Representatives from major fossil fuel corporations and industry groups had joined forces with operatives from major conservative think tanks and public relations experts to draft what they called their Global Climate Science Communications (GCSC) plan. 
In a memo the plan boldly declared its goal " 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
"... Dr Willie Soon, an aerospace engineer based at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, (received) more than $400,000 in recent years for science research.  
In total, Soon had received more than a million dollars from Southern Company, Exxon and the American Petroleum Institute in the last 14 years. These three key funders of Soon’s work were also involved in formulating the GCSC plan. ..."  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
The investigation published here, with support from DeSmogBlog and the Climate Investigations Center (CIC), finds many of those involved are still trying to convince politicians, legislators and the public that the science is faulty or can be largely ignored 
... even after it was leaked and on the front page of the New York Times, ... 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
“Impacting the voice of elected officials was a key target under the ‘Victory will be achieved’ section of the memo. Now in the US, about half our elected officials are climate deniers or are scared to even talk about the subject, so the impact of this 1998 campaign and subsequent misinformation campaigns around climate science is still clearly holding us back from climate policy solutions. ...”  
So what of the 12 members of the team who wanted to reshape the world’s perception of the risks of human-caused climate change? ...
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