Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Explaining Why AGW Is No Religion

My pal left with one final pot-shot to the effect: "Yes it is a religion. so there!"

Imagine my surprise this morning when I saw that Dr. Joseph Romm has recently written a book, that from the reviews, does an admirable job of explaining the scientific basis for our Anthropogenic Global Warming understanding in a clear question and answer format.

So for those who think AGW is a religion, you now have yet another opportunity to learn about the details of why AGW is a physical fact supported by much (… mega) research and observational evidence.

But then you'd first need to extract yourselves from your own faith-based bubble of perception and be open to taking advantage of objective learning opportunities.  Can you do it?

Book review: Climate Change, What Everyone Needs to Know

Posted on 17 November 2015 by John Abraham

new book makes the case that those who understand the basics of climate change and clean energy will be the “smart money” in the coming years. Those who don’t, however, will make bad decisions for themselves and their family. They might, for instance, end up holding coastal property after prices have begun to crash due to due the growing twin threats of sea level rise and storm surge.
In short, climate change isn’t just something every educated person ought to know about because it will impact future generations or because everyone will be talking about it during the upcoming Paris climate talks. It is something everyone needs to know about now because “Climate change will have a bigger impact on your family and friends and all of humanity than the Internet has had.”
"Climate Change, What Everyone Needs to Know” is part of the highly regarded Oxford University Press series of primers on subjects ranging from China to Islam, which all share the same subtitle. For its climate change book, Oxford chose Dr. Joseph Romm, the founder of the popular blog Romm, a physicist and former U.S. Energy Department official, writes as easily on climate science as he does on solutions. …
The book is written entirely in a Q&A format, which makes it a highly readable introduction to the subject. 
Even people who consider themselves science literate will learn from this book. 


Climate Change: What Everyone Needs to Know. 

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