Saturday, November 14, 2015

Part 5c - Debating ClimateDepot fan: final thoughts

WillH - 10/26/15

Will:  ... I myself was once a Sierra Club member. I developed a soft spot for that part of the world after having gone to summer camp between Sequoia and King Canyon National parks and then doing a lot of back packing in the Southern Sierras but since then the club's politics has driven me away. 

This is ridiculous, what in the world does the Sierra Club have to do with honestly learning from the body of authoritative evidence regarding manmade global warming? 

I agree the Sierra Club isn't what it once was, so what?

Will:  Maybe I inherited a soft spot for the mountains from my father who was born in a mining town in the mountains of southern CO. 

So what?  Besides, consider the miner's legacy - knowing how to take stuff out of the ground, maximize profits, then run and leave huge messes behind for others to clean up.  Trust me, I've seen it, I lived in Silverton 79/85 and worked at the Mayflower Mill 83/84ish (crusher operator and ball/rod mill operator) - even worked underground (track crew - Gladstone) for a few months - so I've seen it from the inside.  I also watched the Animas River run orange/yellow yuck this past autumn.

But, what's all that got to with understanding climate science?

Will:  I have been particularly concerned about how Man has been using up the Earth's very finite supply of fossil fuels just as quickly as possible and I would have liked to have used AGW as another reason why but no. 

What an obsequious farce.  

If you were actually concerned about Earth's finite resources you'd be approaching these issues from a way different angle - but instead you are trying to deny a couple centuries worth of fundamental science by lying about the state of the climate science understanding.

Well bud, I mean WillH,

It's been interesting and I thank you for speaking up and trying to defend your position.  I was disappointed that you refused to reflect on your confusion regarding the difference between a manmade green house and our actual global atmosphere and its climate system.  

After that it was predictable, you'd repeat your mantra a few times never hearing a damn thing I said, while ignoring all the information and links (to more authoritative sources I offered), then you'd fall silent.  Presumably to go find someone more gullible to peddle your same old fraudulent story to.

What a shame, and what sin against our children and future generations.