Sunday, December 18, 2016

Profiles in Lucidity - Trevor Noah

I ran out of steam the other evening and decided to watch some of the comedy shows via YouTube, no TV around here.  Trevor Noah is the guy I’ve singled out as the real deal.  By coincidence Terry Gross interviewed Trevor this past week on Fresh Air and now I understand why it’s no wonder that air of natural gravitas and solidity I sense.  I’ll be no spoiler ;-) I linked to that interview and invite you to (if you haven’t already) discover this fascinating individual for yourself.  The man makes a lot of sense to me and believe he's made many observations that definitely belong in my collection of common sense and thought provoking ideas.   

I’ve also included a link to his interview of President Obama on December 12th.

The Daily Show - Profiles in Tremendousness - Secretary of State Nominee Rex Tillerson

Published on Dec 14, 2016
President-elect Trump nominates ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of state, prompting Trevor to break down the oil tycoon's foreign policy experience.

The Daily Show - Adapting to Donald Trump's Lies

Published on Nov 30, 2016

Even after Donald Trump's mendacious 2016 presidential campaign, the media is still grappling with how to report on the now-president-elect's blatant falsehoods.

Trevor Noah on fake news and Donald Trump (HARDtalk) - BBC News

Published on Dec 14, 2016

Trevor Noah, host of the Daily Show, has told BBC Hardtalk’s Zeinab Badawi that factual accuracy is the base of his best jokes.

Trevor Noah interviews Barack Obama

At 3:00 minutes in Trevor asked about the Russian hacking and their impact on our election.  I was impressed with President Obama’s answer, particularly in light of my own vocal protestations, it’s worth the listening and thinking about.

DECEMBER 12, 2016

Trevor sits down with President Obama at the White House to discuss Russia's impact on the 2016 election, the incoming Trump administration and responses to modern racism.
As a man who was likewise blessed with one of those special tough, yet loving and oh so sharp moms, his interview definitely touched me.  Trevor speaks much truth, I wish him much success.

Trevor Noah Says He Grew Up 'In The Shadow Of A Giant' (His Mom)

Heard on Fresh Air | December 16, 2016

The Daily Show host revisits his childhood in apartheid-era South Africa in his new memoir, Born a Crime. Originally broadcast Nov. 22, 2016.
This is FRESH AIR. I'm Terry Gross. Last night, "The Daily Show" presented its final new edition of the year. It was a big week for host Trevor Noah. Monday, "The Daily Show" broadcast Noah's interview with President Obama. Today we get to spend some time in Trevor Noah's company as we listen back to the interview I recorded with him in November. 
Noah took over "The Daily Show" last year after the departure of Jon Stewart. Now he has a new memoir called "Born A Crime." And he literally was. He's South African, the son of a black mother and white father. When Noah was born in 1984 during the apartheid era, it was illegal for a black person and a white person to have sexual relations. As you can imagine, this led to complications for Noah and for his mother, who he lived with. Trevor Noah traveled the world doing stand-up comedy before he took over "The Daily Show.” 
Trevor Noah, welcome to FRESH AIR. … 

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