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Petition the Electoral College | Roger Wolfson

Not much to add.  I know many will think this is ridiculous, abhorrent, impossible - but all those sentiments can just as easily be pointed at the Trump Presidency.  

Our American government the way are founders envisioned it and what generations worth of concerned citizens exercising their democracy has been able to create is literally under existential threat by a tribe of people who actually believe they are doing God's work and that all who oppose them are detestable enemies.  These people feel it's their right to fabricate facts when the objective known facts don't suit their personal faith based goals.  Since they presume themselves to be god's chosen (Having no conception of the difference between personal truths and universal truths.) all others get treated with hostility, slander and hidden desires of extermination.  Tragically that really is what lies in the heart of all holy warriors, check that link.  

Rational Liberal leaning American's be scared, be very scared - but be scared into thoughtful constructive action, help turn this tide around.  Here's an example that will get the Trump team's attention and even if not fully successful, if it's a very strong showing, it will help send a warning shot across their bow, while helping jump-start an effective community in defense of traditional American values.  The stronger the outpouring of nation wide indignation at this Russian Obligate self-promoter CEO of American, the more we will moderation the coming carnage.  {The following appeared at the Huffingtonpost blog and is meant to be shared, I thank Roger Wolfson (and Jared Berenholtz) for writing it.}
Here’s What Has To Happen In The Next 14 Days

Roger Wolfson | 12/4/2016 is a simple tool to reach out to electors directly. 
Sign a petition at, and share it on social media. 

A lot of wishful thinking is happening in America right now. “Maybe Trump the President will be different than Trump the Candidate.” We already know this is a fallacy. Trump the president-elect is exactly the same as Trump the candidate. “Maybe he’ll suddenly become more responsible and balanced.” “Maybe this is the kick in the pants America needs.” “Maybe he’ll be impeached.” 

But the most damaging wishful thought of all is: “Maybe I don’t have to do anything — maybe the electors will choose to appoint someone else, on their own.” 

The Electors should. But they won’t. Not without political pressure the likes of which America has rarely seen before. 

Which means we all need to be motivated. Well — how about the safety of our own lives, and the lives of everyone we love? Because let’s not fool ourselves. Anyone with a rudimentary appreciation of the powers of the president of the United States knows that the stakes are life and death. Pretending otherwise is wishful thinking.

The president of the United States has complete and unilateral control over 1,900 active nuclear weapons. Due to advances in modern technology, the most common protocols for authorizing American nuclear weapons allow for as little as 90 seconds of reflection by the one person alive with the power to use them. 

How on Earth are any of us safe, how are our loved ones safe, when that person is considered entirely unqualified by some of the most respected members of his own party, and has been assessed by hundreds if not thousands of psychological professionals as having incurable Narcissistic Personality and Sociopathic Personality Disorders?

Other than thermonuclear war, virtually every competent scientist in the world believes that the biggest threat to human survival is global warming. Donald Trump doesn’t believe global warming exists. Members of his own party have said that his ignorant insistence of this, despite the facts, should disqualify him from the Presidency. They are right. Actions must be taken, and incredibly swiftly, to address global warming or we will reach a point of no return. 

But the head of Trump’s EPA transition team (himself a global warming denier) consistently fights to roll back crucial stopgap measures already underway. We’re talking about our lives, people.

Thankfully, the founders of this nation predicted this. They foresaw that the people might elect someone unfit to be president. Hence, they added the idea of electors to the Electoral College.

There are those who mistakenly believe that the Electoral College requires electors to vote for Donald Trump. But that is the opposite of what the electors are supposed to do in circumstances like these. Lawrence Lessig, this nation’s premier constitutional expert, cleanly explains the responsibility of electors, as follows.

Like a judge reviewing a jury verdict, where the people voted, the electoral college was intended to confirm — or not — the people’s choice. Electors were to apply, in Hamilton’s words, “a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice” — and then decide.... Their wisdom — about whether to overrule “the people” or not — was to be free of political control yet guided by democratic values. They were to be citizens exercising judgment,  not cogs turning a wheel.”

As Lessig states convincingly and with authority — the will of the people is Hillary Clinton. She won the majority of votes by a margin of over two and a half million people. It’s pretty simple. This is a democracy, and if the winner of the Electoral College, but not the popular Vote, is unfit to serve, then the elector’s sole responsibility is to elect the winner of the popular vote.

This deserves to be repeated in simpler form:

No less an American than Alexander Hamilton himself expressed clearly that the Constitution established electors as a protection valve; to have a group of citizens bound not by party, but by their responsibility to this nation. 

Whether you like her or not, the sizable majority of voters actually chose someone who is more qualified to be president than anyone in the last few decades, Hillary Clinton. Electors are obligated, by design, to elect her.

Clearly, there is little chance that they will do so if Americans don’t demand it. 

The Constitution allows for, and requires, civic involvement. 

We need to stand up so profoundly that the electors feel protected and supported for voting their conscience. By December 19th, those who feel an itch to speak up, but haven’t done so, are going to regret it. 

By January 21st, those who have remained uninvolved will have a hard time containing their regret. After January 21st, if something terrible happens, it will be impossible to justify having been silent when something still could have been done.

Fortunately, resources exist to help us, right now. is a simple tool to reach out to electors directly — use it to voice your concerns, and offer your support and thanks for their conscientious votes for Hillary Clinton. 

Sign a petition at, and share it on social media. 

Join in any public protest. And take every opportunity to speak honestly and earnestly to friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers, urging them all to join you in the fight for our shared future. 

If you are a Democrat, remind your Republican friends that if Trump had run as a Democrat — something he could have chosen to do - you’d be making the same argument. This isn’t about party. It’s about survival.

This article was cowritten by Roger Wolfson, a writer and activist, and Jared Berenholtz, a Television Executive.


We need a President of the United States of American - The corporate oligarchs such as the Kochs and Murdochs and such want a CEO of the Corporation of American, there to service big business interests and to hell with the people.  Trump himself has already shown that he can't not wheel deal, he’s driven self-promoter, his mental landscape doesn't extend beyond that.  He has yet again proven this with his December 3rd, Saturday Night Live drama queen Tweet review of SNL's parody of him, never appreciating that no can outdo the spectacle he makes of himself. 

Wake up Americans, it's your move, the oligarchs and masters of the universe and their holy warriors have their action plan all lined up and they are honing their knives, with vengeance lust in their eyes.  

What's it going to be?  Are We The People going to rise up, stand arm in arm, and protect what's ours?
Roll call of November’s posts:

What about the national security conflict inherent in having a Russian Obligate CEO of America, rather than a President of the United States of America? 

I don't understand why protesters don't demand answers from the FBI, sure beats protesting simply to vent anger and fear.  Be constructive, enunciate your concerns so your right-wing family members and friends and co-workers understand where we are coming from.  

They have been made scared by professional myth-makers and too few rationalists and folks who believe in Objective Facts above Personal Faith have been taking these professional paid liars to task for their non-stop transgressions that have gotten so bad that Americans are starting to believe truth doesn't even matter any more.


Col. Tom Moe, US Air Force, Vietnam POW has a few words of warning for Patriotic Americans

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