Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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About December 19, 2016
We the People will come together at every state capital across the United States to call on the Electors of the Electoral College to listen to the voice of the people and refuse to cast their ballots for Donald Trump.
We are trying to something that has never been done before: use the Electoral College to stop an incoming President-Elect from taking power. Trump will only take office if 270 Electors decide to cast their ballot for him, despite so many reasons not to: losing the popular vote, his dangerous bigotry, and blatant conflicts of interest with foreign powers.
But for Republican Electors to break rank and vote their conscience, we need to mobilize thousands of people at all 50 state capitols across the country so that they know the people are behind them.
To mobilize at that scale, we need organizers. Over 1,600 incredible people have signed up to volunteer with December 19 in just the past few days. Now we're looking for full-time State Organizers to support and coordinate those volunteers in as many states as possible. 
If you're ready to organize full-time with December 19 from now until the 12/20 and to put in your heart and soul into this campaign for the next week, we want to know. Read this job description.
And if you're ready to join the team, send your resume to democracyspringjobs@gmail.com with the subject line, "State Organizer". 
We need dedicated people to step up at this unprecedented moment and take a risk, take a chance, and fight for a better future. 
Thank you for your interest,  Curt  at  December19.US
We need to send the Electoral College a clear message they have a obligation to our United States' Constitution and to protecting our America as one nation indivisible.

There is also this effort to contact members of the electoral college.
Remember, complacency has been our downfall!
Nothing less than a truly overwhelming outpouring is required.

Vote count and Trump's self-perceived "landslide"

Hillary Clinton = 48.2
65,746,544 VOTES

Donald J. Trump = 46.2
62,904,682 VOTES
Equals Trump down by 2,841,862 VOTES - 
In the electoral college he's like 38th out of 58.
Only a confirmed delusional can call that a landslide for Trump.

On December 19th, members of the Electoral College will cast their official votes for the President of the United States of America. 
Please voice your concerns here.

This is a tool intended to add transparency to the Electoral College. Voters with any viewpoint should feel welcome to participate.

The button above will help you craft a letter and load elector emails into your mail client. Emails must be sent from your account, our system does not send anything. We've introduced a forum and encourage you to share your letter as a public display, since the inboxes of many electors are crashing due to unprecedented volume.

Take a look at some of the OPEN LETTERS TO THE ELECTORS


citizenschallenge said...

#Dec19 State Organizer
Job Description
Immediately - December 20th

We need 50 full-time State Organizers to mobilize thousands of people to state capitols across the country on December 19 to mount a historic resistance to Donald Trump and his blatantly undemocratic rise to power. On December 19, 528 electors will decide the next president of the United States. We will be there to call on them to listen to the will of the people and refuse to vote for Trump. December 19 State Organizers are responsible for organizing the logistics of their state’s capitol protest, engaging local and state media, and for coordinating other volunteers in the state to drive mobilization.

Major Responsibilities:
Work with the volunteer leaders in your state to achieve the following:
Determine the physical space for the state capitol protest.
Acquire any needed permits.
Act as, if necessary, or, preferably, recruit & train a Dec19 Police Liaison
Arrange programming for the December 19 capitol protest, including speakers, songs, chants, and storytelling, etc.
Draft and distribute press advisories and releases to local and state media.
Make passionate calls to local & state media pitching your state capitol protest.
Act as, if necessary, or, preferably, train & recruit a Dec 19 spokesperson.
Support local organizers to drive mobilization to the state capitol on Dec 19.
Coordinate and support Facebook moderators to drive digital mobilization.
Coordinate & support Art Volunteers to produce powerful images for Dec 19.
Work with volunteer State Organizers to assist with the above responsibilities and to help coordinate other state volunteers.
Your role is to support and enable (not boss or direct) the volunteer leaders in your state to accomplish these objectives. You are a “bottomliner” responsible for ensuring that these things are done but should endeavour to support others to do them as much as possible. Bottom-line: make sure it gets done.

Requirements & Qualifications
Exceptional work ethic. We are going hard for 12-14+ hours per day from now until December 19.
Ability to work independently and in teams.
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Regular use of a computer/laptop with internet and a cell phone.
Accountability to the national December 19 Team, run by Democracy Spring

$100/day from now until December 20.
contact www.December19.US

citizenschallenge said...

And if you're ready to join the team, send your resume to
democracyspringjobs@gmail.com with the subject line, "State Organizer".